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Ready Made Carp Rigs 

Displayed below are the ready made carp rigs that we have to offer. Carp Rig Corner use high quality components that will not let you down. Our ready tied rigs shop offers a huge array of rigs; this means that you are always prepared on your fishing adventures!

Let us prepare your carp rigs and take the hassle out of your fishing. Our core aim is to give you peace of mind and allow you to have the highest confidence in your fishing. We take great pride in making sure that all of our ready made rigs are meticulously tied to the highest order, leaving you fully confident on your fishing trip!

Custom made to order! All of our ready tied carp rigs can be custom made to your exact instruction, please do let us know how you would like them tied.  Want bigger hooks? Want a longer rig? No problem, we can sort it. Full delivery info here. Contact us at for enquiries.

New to carp fishing? Want to improve your catch rate? Having trouble tying your favorite rig?

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