Pop Up Carp Rigs

Pop Up Carp Rigs

Pop up carp rigs are what I will be covering in this article. Using a pop up is one of my favorite carp fishing tactics; they allow me to fish over a wide variety of lake beds and they have great hooking mechanics. A pop up is simply a buoyant hookbait that allows you to position your hook/bait off of the lake bottom, usually by a few inches. Be sure to check out our very own pop ups in our shop! 360 rig

There are a couple of situations in which you would want to use a pop up rig for catching carp:

  1. Detritus on the lake bed – When the lake bed isn’t ‘clean’ you may want to use a pop up rig instead of a bottom bait rig. Pop up rigs allow you to fish off of the bottom, you can have your hook/hookbait popped up a few inches off the lakebed and not caught up in detritus.
  2. Rig mechanics – In my opinion pop up rigs are harder for the carp to deal with than bottom bait rigs. Pop up rigs behave a lot differently when submersed in water and can be tricky for a carp to deal with; the hook sits at all angles when using a bottom bait rig, however with a pop up rig the hook point is always facing down and wanting to catch the bottom lip of a carp.


Pop Up Rig & Bait Tips

  • Use a very buoyant pop up to get the most out of the chod rig and hinged stiff rig. IMG_20151031_111825
  • Test your pop up rigs in the waters edge or in a bucket of water. This ensures you are using just the perfect amount of putty to hold your pop up down.
  • Use a bright pop up hookbait – This is my favorite tactic to use. I like to use a bright pop up on its own or over a wide spread of boilies, even over a lot of bait your pop up will still be one of the first baits to be taken.
  • Boost your pop ups with liquids/oils. There are a wide number of attractants you can add to your hookbaits to make them even more attractive. I like to cover my fishmeal cork ball pop ups in salmon oil, this hardens them up and gives them high leakage when submersed. N-Butyric Acid is one that I use in my citrus pop ups, a couple of drops of this and you will give your pop ups a serious boost (this is what we use in our Scopex Fruit NBA pop ups).


Carp rig corner pop ups

Carp Rig Corner Pop Ups

My Favorite Pop Up Rigs

1) Chod Rig – I have a pretty lengthy chod rig article so be sure to check that out. The chod pop up rig is such a versatile and effective rig that it just has to have a place in my rig wallet.  With so many advantages and almost no disadvantages this pop up rig is one of my favorite and the first I turn to when fishing for big carp in light weed.

2) Hinged Stiff Rig – This rig is basically a chod rig with a boom section. I prefer to use this over the chod rig when the lake bed is firmer and when I want to use a pop up closer to the lake bed; I don’t like using super short chod rigs as I feel they do not have the same upward movement that the hinged stiff rig has. Using the hinged stiff rig combined with a helicopter setup I have never had a tangle and am confident casting it at distance. Big fish classic.

3) 360 Pop Up Rig – This rig features a long shank curve hook and a small ring swivel. This rig was designed by Dave Lane to give the user a pop up rig that spins 360 degrees and is hard for the carp to deal with. I like to use this rig with an inline lead, critically balanced pop up and a short supple hook length. When the carp mouths the rig it will spin, fly back into the carps mouth and the carp will feel the weight of the lead; all of this happening in a split second! A great rig to use with small single pop ups, and as such one I like to use in winter. It is worth mentioning that when you catch a carp with this rig to make sure that the landing net mesh is not caught up in the hook eye when you lift the fish out of the water, this can cause mouth damage if you are not careful to do this.

Thanks for reading!