Welcome to Carp Rig Corner!

This website has been designed to be a place for carp anglers to enjoy and improve their carp fishing success. This website features:

  • shop with a host of carp rigs and pop ups. All carp rigs are custom made to order and tied to perfection.
  • Carp fishing articles section and carp fishing tips that will be regularly updated.

Ready Made Carp Rigs

Displayed in our shop are the ready tied carp rigs, these custom tied carp rigs are made using quality branded components from companies such as Fox and Korda. We have a wide range of ready tied carp rigs available; from pop up rigs to bottom bait rigs. We take great pride in the tying of our carp rigs so that you are a happy angler and fully confident when fishing. All of our ready made carp rigs are made to order so if you would like a rig that is not listed, or you require different components/sizing, then please do contact us and we will be happy to help!IMG_20150920_172200

Pop Ups

In our shop you will also find the pop ups we have to offer. These pop ups are all lovingly hand rolled with mixes that have brought me success on the bank over the years. If you have read my ‘Single Hookbait Fishing’ article you will know just how much I like to use a pop up rig with a single high attract pop up. All Carp Rig Corner pop ups have a unique flavour combination that I have found to work wonders in my own fishing and friends that I have rolled for.



Our Articles tab has a drop down list of all current articles submitted by myself, I will be adding frequent new articles on a whole host of carp fishing topics. These articles will mainly cover general carp fishing topics but I will also have ‘in-session’ articles using our own carp rigs and special hookbaits.

The aim of Carp Rig Corner is to provide you, the angler, with meticulously tied ready made carp rigs that give you piece of mind on the bank and will catch you the carp of your dreams. We also aim for the website to be a great resource for carp anglers to come and pick up knowledge on the great sport. Please take a look around the site and hopefully you will find it useful.

Email us at: carprigcorner@yahoo.co.uk

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